Align Engineering, Risk & Compliance teams to deliver value faster.

Trace your obligations. Show – don’t just tell how you are compliant.
Use Cases
Compliance For New Digital Banking Licence Holders

Trace your obligations from board room to server room under your new licence. Raise the bar on transparency by reducing the number of steps between the engineer and the regulator. Prepare by putting in place the infrastructure for digital regulatory reporting. Sustainable compliance outcomes as your business grows.

Govern Bank-Fintech Partnerships

Trace your obligations between the Bank and FinTech by establishing a shared responsibility model. Post contract award, use the same framework to ensure continuous compliance. Shorten your risk and compliance evaluation cycle, evaluating the technology against bank risk and control frameworks. Explicit delegation of control responsibilities between the FinTech and the Bank. Enable your Banking as a Service strategy.

Increase Velocity of Cloud & SaaS deployments

As you modernise to cloud and adopt SaaS, trace your obligations, policies, standards and control frameworks to assessment outcomes. Maintain data lineage between sources, attestations and online evidence repositories.

Optimum Viable Compliance For Risk & Remediation Programs

Provide data driven clarity to delivery teams and executives on progress as you roll out new compliance programs or deliver remediation programs.

GENAI Use Cases

Rapid Discovery & Prototyping

Quickly bring teams together to understand the current state of control readiness, gaps that need to be addressed and devise a control uplift implementation plan. Register for a three week readiness planning exercise with Newton Russell.
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